Born in 1797, Doctor Auzoux turned his research very early on towards the production of dismountable anatomy models.

He wished to make simple clear subjects available to the medical faculties and therefore devised a technique of making up models from a card paste which produced in his home town from 1 824 onwards.

Thousand of these models were sold throughout the world fo more than 150 years.

Dr Auzoux then went on to perfect a moulding system wich could be repeated infinitely.

The paper was moulded into lead moulds and after removing, the pieces were put together and 'sewn' with metal thread, thus obtaining hollow models.

They were then adjusted, trimmed, sanded and covered with a finishing paper.

Vessels were stuck and painted and nerves and membranes would then completed the models before they were numbered and assembled.

The museum exhibits pieces still in use today, as well as a collection of finished parts : ears, spinal chords, brains,...

Museum also exhibits specimens of fauna and flora, as a fly, a snail, mushroom, ... More than 150 specimens !